Friday, December 16, 2011

Jolly Elf Trail Run

I did the Jolly Elf Tail Run last year and really enjoyed it. So, when it was December again I went to, found the link and signed up.

Well, a lot has changed since the last time I ran this race with a time of 32 minutes. I have done, 10K's, a Warrior Dash, several more 5K's, even a Half Marathon, but what has changed the most is, I have lost 30+ pounds since last year. 

This race went down 12-10-11 at Bond Park in Cary, NC. It is a well organized race with lots of runners and their families. Sorta nice being at a laid back well run event. Also, this year it was relatively warm compared to last year, maybe 40 degrees. Last year was low 20's, not comfortable but still fun.

This year I knew the routine. Parking was smooth, bib/packet pickup was a breeze at a shelter above the field were the race start was. Once at the start, I got my timing chip and just hung out till the race start.

Before the start there was a prayer and race instruction before we took off. I was about 4 or 5 rows back on a 50ft wide start. The first corner and for that matter the first mile was a bit of a road block. That was fine with me because my legs were slow to get going. Once we made the loop back to the start area I picked it up and passed a big bunch of people on the second loop on the other side of the park. This included a stair step hill, I basically sprinted up this. This was a big improvement over last year when I was walking this part. Well onto the third loop, I was going pretty good for me, my GPS had me in the low 8's per mile at this point. Eventually , we made it back to the start, and in this case the finish straight. I kicked it up a bit and passed more people here except for a father son combo that jetted to the finish. My time for this 5K was 27.11, way way faster than I have done before. I'm finally making the progress I wanted.

Once finished, there was plenty of food and drink. Brueggers and Great Harvest Bread Company had this taken care of. Since it was chilly, they even had hot chocolate. Did I say this event rocks?

Here is a picture of me at the finish, I always look rough.