Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Look Back at 2013 and What's the plan for 2014?

First off, I didn't reach any goal. I wanted to do a marathon, didn't happen. I wanted to do a century ride, it didn't happen. On a positive, I'm  still running and enjoying it.

What events did I do? I raced in the Cary Duathlon and finished with about the same time as in 2012. I really enjoy the multi-discipline events. I still struggle on the second 2.5 mile run though. Don't really eat before event and longer events work me. Total time was 1:55 for 2.5/17.5/2.5 (miles).

 I ran the TarHeel 10/4 miler. This was a last minute decision and I ran the 4 miler, you still do the hill challenge and get a medal. I'll do the 10 miles next time, I promise. The stand out of this event was the bomb sniffing dogs. They had them because event was a short time after Boston. Finish time was 36 minutes.

The next event was another last minute thing too, the Tobacco Trail 10 Miler. This was on a very cold day. Seems like the week before it was 80 and boom, 25. I froze until about mile 4. I had a goal of around 1:45, finished in 1:46, kinda slow but that's me, just get to the finish in my time.

The last race of the year was a Turkey Trot 8K in Cary NC. This was the second year I completed this race. Finished in about the same time as most of my 8K, 46 minutes. The hing that stuck out after was another runner said he used me as a pacer because of my bright knit hat (yellow/red).

What does 2014 have in store? Well I'm signed up for the Rock N Roll Raleigh Marathon in April, yes, the whole 26.2 miles. Training hasn't been quite up to par, though I do have a long run over 10 miles every week for a few months now. I have to step it up big soon. Wish me luck!