Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wet-N-Wild 5K 2012

The Wet-N-Wild 5K in Knott's Berry Farm (California) 6-16-2012. How did I end up doing a race on the west coast you may ask? Well, I was there to visit relatives and wanted to run and thought entering an event would be fun.

What an event I found while doing an internet search. How about a 5K with the last 500 meters in knee deep water. Well this is Southern California and it seemed like a good fun time. Also, this place is 20 minutes up the road from my Aunt's house in Huntington Beach, CA. I checked with my aunt and I signed up.

Race day is here. Well I woke up early, that was easy I was still on east coast time. Once I got onsite, I got my packet, everyone must have arrived at the same time, a bit crowded. I dropped off the stuff from my packet back at the car and headed to starting line to chill for 20 minutes. Eventually, they had some singing and a prayer and then the shotgun was fired to take off. I didn't see the shotgun but the cat on the PA said they were using one. Southern California I expected an uzi or a glock. Once we started running, weaving, and just dodging stuff I settled into a comfortable pace. I knew I wasn't doing a 25 minute 5K since 500 meters would be in the water. This was a pretty relaxed event. The course took us down every street and passed every ride and stand in the amusement park. It was a nice run. I realized I either lined up with the correct crowd or we are faster on the east coast. Eventually, I made it to the water. I just walked thru it as most of the people around me were doing the same. More races should be like this, it was nice being in pool water for a bit. After a few minutes I was out and running the last bit with light legs. Felt like a champ and crossed the line in 31.31, finished 327 out of 2551 finishers.

Overall, I would rate this race as very fun must do race if you live nearby or happen to be nearby while on vacation as I was.

A few pictures:

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