Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals and a Look Back at 2012

   First off 2012 highlights. It was a good year of running. No injuries and I did pick up some speed. Still not fast but did complete a 5K in 25:34 which was way better than 2011 30+. Completed one half marathon, the Tobacco Trail Half in Cary, NC. It's a great event but I have other plans this year. Finished the Krispy Kreme Challenge in the under 1 hour time. Probably my last one of those since I was diagnosed with Celiac. Did a cool little race in So Cal  called Wet and Wild 5K, very fun. They should have a race like that at every water park. Ran the Second Empire Fall Series. Finished around 7th in my age group. My age group 40-44 is stacked with motivated life long runners. Most other age groups I place, my luck. Did get an invite to the awards lunch, so I get good food anyway as an award, just no jacket or something cool.

   2012 low lights. I had a goal of running my first marathon and put my name into the NYC Marathon lotto, didn't get in, in hindsight that was a good thing since Hurricane Sandy made that whole thing a disaster. Will try again but with a marathon closer to NC.

   On to 2013. My initial plans are to run a marathon and do a century bike ride. I'm guessing the century will be easier but I have run 13 miles and have only biked 34 in one outing. Also, I plan to mix in other events to make it interesting and keep me motivated. Will see and I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

   On another subject, trying to get my guitar playing up to snuff. Taking lessons, might even post a video if I improve enough.

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