Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Marathon Training Update for Rock-n-Roll Raleigh

Well the Rock N Roll Raleigh is less than a month away. How well is my training going?

Training started way back in October. I ran Tobacco trail 10 Miler and did okay. Never went over 10 the rest of 2013. The start of 2014 I changed that.

Frankly my running at the end of 2013 was not good enough to do a marathon. For 2014, I needed to improve so I would be ready in April. Well it hasn't been going to well. I went 14 miles one week, regular miles the next, and have basically been keeping this pattern so far this year. After my 15/16 mile week my right knee started to hurt. That forced me to change. I added biking during the week (no impact), and still do long run on weekend. That plan worked pretty well and I had no knee pain for awhile. Well the knee pain is back and marathon is a few weeks away. IT band issues and walking isn't all that easy.

How far along did I get before ITBS kicked in (left knee this time)? Well I had a 22 mile weekend and a 40 mile week. I felt like the distance should be enough for a first time finisher attempt. With the injuries, a sub 5 hour finish time is out the window. I have done a few half marathons and finished in 2:12 and 2:15, so sub 5 was reasonable I thought. Still have to run the race, so we will see what happens, hope the knees hold up or I'll finish by taxi service.

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