Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Balance MT101 Review

Well this is my first product review and it will be pretty short.

I got into running January 2010 and pretty early on I became interested in minimalist running shoes. Soon after, I got a pair of Vibrams. I really like them, but wanted something a little more protective for the trail and longer distances. Well, I eventually found a shoe I dig. The New Balance MT101.

I have had my pair of New Balance MT101's for 3 months. I use them for trail runs over at Umstead Park the most, but I have raced in them a few times on the road and trail. Overall, these shoes feel great, they don't feel like lead weights as they are very light at 7.8 ounces, they are stable, they offer good support, and decent traction in a wide variety of conditions.

As for the negatives, the sole does wear fast if doing a lot of running on pavement.

If your interested in a great minimalist trail running shoe check out the New Balance MT101's.

Here is a picture:

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