Saturday, February 12, 2011

NHL All-Star Weekend

First off, I signed up for the NHL All-Star 5K back in December. Since then a few surprises came up. The race day of January 29, 2011 began to fill up with other activities.

Those activities included an awards banquet for the Second Empire Fall 2010 Grand Prix Series, were I entered enough races to get a free lunch. Second Stephanie's daughter school cheer team got an invite to cheer at the Raleigh Wide Open event to celebrate the NHL All-Star Weekend. The race and these two other events was going to make for a busy day.

On to the day at hand. We arrived at 8:30 to the RBC Center and picked up my timing chip, Stephanie took a few pictures and I attached my timer to my shoe. Where is the starting line? Oh yeah, almost forgot I picked picked up my packet the day before that had a cool medal, here is that medal.

Here I'm tie wrapping the timer onto my Newton's. It was 30 degrees and I'm in shorts!

Well back to the race. I was lined up and they were rattling off some names and bib numbers for prizes and stuff, not mine so lets move on. Well the race started and right away I wasn't feeling to hot. On a good note though, the first mile was flat to downhill, that didn't hold for the second mile. We turned up into the parking lot on the side of Carter Finley Stadium and the hill began and didn't end till another mile had clicked by. On this hill I began to walk some, I know what a wuss. Well I am 250lb, not ideal for a runner but I give it solid go. On this hill a coworker passed me, I can't have that, so I picked it back up and maintained till the end. I beat the coworker by a minute and set my fastest 5K at 30:11. On a side note, my GPS had me at 29:57. I'm on my way to being respectable. Stephanie and I took a few pictures and visited the gift shop to get few things, and now, off to the next event. Here is a picture of me coming down the home stretch.

Well, before the next event it's shower and change time. The Second Empire is a nice Restaurant and it does include an awards presentation after all. We arrive, check in and find a table. Stephanie immediately likes this place and suggests we come there more often. That's okay as I like it too. We are seated with the old timers that are all in their 60's and still run 6 to 7 minute miles all day long. They were very nice people and gave me some good running tips that should help me obtain a little more speed and endurance. We all had a very nice dinner, grilled chicken with a light sauce, steamed broccoli and couscous, all very good. Now off to the awards.

I was pretty much a spectator here but it was cool to see. Our table mates were all winners. I did go home with a cool skull cap with the series logo on it. Kim Reynolds, Second Empire, all the race sponsors put on a very good running series. I look forward to doing it again. Off to event number three.

Luckily for us, all these events were spaced far enough apart that we could get to them all. After the banquet went to the car and changed clothes where all the world could see. No car wrecks caused no foul lol. Now to see Stephanie's daughter cheer. Sorta cool that there school got to cheer at such a big event for Raleigh, NC. Anyway their cheer was very good.

Well, except for a few other details I won't tell you about, that was the day. It was a busy day but a very fun day.

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