Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Atlanta Vacation and Running!

It all started Friday morning. I took my doggie over to Best Friends Kennel. Soon after I got home, the girls arrived and we headed to Atlanta. The girls are Stephanie (me lady), her daughter Lacey and the daughters friend Kayla.

Lacey was in the big international cheerleading competition. Their team did well, 5th out of 11. I have no idea how they judge those comps as every team does almost the same. Anyway, congrats to Lacey's cheer team for a great season.

Also, we did some of the normal tourist things. We went to The Varsity and Stone Mountain.

Well on to my week of running. After last week where I ran some every day, this past week wasn't so. I ran a short 2.5K on Thursday, then due to travel I didn't run again till Sunday. I ran another 2.5K that day. In the afternoon though I followed it up with a hike, and a run up the rail section of Stone Mountain. It is a mile up and a mile down.

Today, Tuesday the 20th I headed over to the tobacco trail. I ran a full 5K in 36.21. This is my fastest 5K and I hope to be under 35 minutes on Saturday. On Saturday I race in the "Run for Hero's 5K."

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