Friday, April 9, 2010

Still going strong!

How is my new running plan going? So far so good.

Yesterday, I went on a trail run over at Umstead, Sal's Branch. Many roots, rocks, and small but fairly tough hills. I'm new to running and not built like a runner, so jumping over, and stepping around roots and rocks makes me feel like I'm on Dancing with the Stars, and it takes toll on me. I still completed but did walk the hill leaving the lake. Total distance was 3.91K.

Today, I ventured over to the Tobacco Trail. It was my first time over there and I liked it. Being new to running, flat equals very good! I ran from the White Oak Church Rd. entrance to the bridge just past the Wimberly Rd. entrance and back to the White Oak Church Rd. entrance. Total distance was 6.33K.

So going into my last day of the week my total distance is around 21K.

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